Keg Master – Series 4 Kegerator inc Mk3 Regulator with Intertap Tap (Dual Font)

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This all new model is similar in size to the Series 3 Kegerator however it has been improved in various different ways:

1. S/S font and taps
2. Now includes font fan as standard
3. Includes improved circuit board and temperature control buttons
4. Improved guard rail
5. Onboard temperature memory included
6. S/S Intertap taps included as standard ( )
7. More powerful compressor. Approximately 20% more electrically efficient.
8. Improved drip tray
9. Improved cylinder bracket holder
10. Included glass holder
11. More space inside the kegerator

This also comes with a MK3 Regulator!

Perfect for anyone looking to put beer on tap at home or at a café, restaurant, or bar. Includes beer line, gas line, hose clamps, MKIII regulator, castor wheels, font, guard rail, drip tray, taps, font fan. The only additional parts you require is the gas cylinder, kegs and connectors to attach to your kegs (depending on which kegs you are using).

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